Annalise Chwok

Favorite Memory

My favourite memory from my time as a dance instructor is one I will never forget. My co-instructor and I were watching our students at their first performance of the year, only two months before the first COVID-19 lockdown. We had spent weeks teaching a new Volyn piece with our dancers and, as always, there never seems to be enough time to clean dances. We were unsure if we had prepared them enough for this first performance. We waited anxiously for the music to start, and I will never forget both of our jaws dropping a few moments into the dance. Our dancers came out with more energy, passion and expression than ever before. They danced as a group and wowed the entire audience. We both had tears in our eyes as we watched them own the stage like never before. Unfortunately, we were unable to take the dance to competitions due to COVID-19, but that performance is an incredible memory I hold dear to my heart.

As a dance instructor, the most rewarding moments are those in which your students’ passion radiates. My main goal was always to share my passion for dance with my students to foster the authentic relationships I value so deeply. Being an instructor was a blessing, and paved the way for my new career as an elementary teacher. I am thankful for every dancer who gave me the opportunity to be a part of their dance journey, and I hope each of them know what an important role they have played in mine.

Dance schools

Shumka School of Dance
Zorianka Ukrainian Dancers

Instructor’s First Dance Teacher at “School/ Location/ Year”

Janelle Serediak-De Rose/Shumka School of Dance/2004