Nathan Fitch

Nathan Fitch


      Nathan has been involved in the Ukrainian Dance communitysince the age of 5. Nathan danced in Edmonton at the St.Basils Ukrainian dance school, to later hone his skillswith the Kupalo and Viter Junior performing ensembles. Nathan then went on to dance with the Volya Ukrainian dance ensemble and he toured South America with the Vohon Ukrainian dance ensemble.

Nathan has toured internationally in Europe, South America andall over North America. Nathan has trained and taken dance workshops in Argentina, Canada, the UnitedStates, as well as in Ukraine.

Nathan has been teaching Ukrainian dance for twenty years and is currently the Artistic Director of the Kryla Ukrainian dancers in bonnyville, Alberta, the Veselka Ukrainian Dancers in Fairview Alberta, and the Muzyka Ukrainian dance club in Peace River Alberta.

Nathan has a deep passion for Ukrainian folk dance and his favourite region is Hutsul.