Odessa Bahri

Odessa Bahri


Odessa Bahri’s passion for dance led her to explore various genres, starting with ballet and Ukrainian dance, and expanding into jazz, contemporary, lyrical, and modern dance through Shelley’s Dance Company. Her dedication to honing her skills led her to attend workshops conducted by esteemed choreographers like Stacey Tookey and Keltie Colleen and encouraged her to complete RAD training and exams.


In 2015, Odessa joined the Volya Ukrainian Dance Ensemble, which allowed her to not only perform but also tour various countries, including Greece, Colombia, Croatia, and Portugal. Her involvement with Volya extended further as she became a member of the executive team in 2017, demonstrating her commitment to the ensemble’s success and growth.


Additionally, Odessa expanded her dance expertise by becoming a teacher at the Volya School of Ukrainian Dance, Thorhild Ukrainian Dance Club, and Koperoush School of Ukrainian Dance. Her role as an instructor allowed her to share her passion and knowledge with aspiring dancers, further contributing to the dance community’s development.


Outside the realm of dance, Odessa’s professional pursuits include working as an event manager, showcasing her versatility and organizational skills beyond her dance endeavours. Additionally, Odessa’s passion for children’s success propelled her to a leadership role as Co-Director of the For Kids by Kids Benefit Concert, which raised over $33,000.00 for the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation. Overall, her dedication, leadership, and contributions both within and outside the dance world highlight her as a multifaceted individual committed to the arts, community, and professional success.