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 The Alberta Ukrainian Dance Association was founded in 1983 to help service the needs of the Ukrainian Dance Community. With its inception, the association had the following objectives in mind:

  • To serve as a liaison in the Ukrainian Dance Community
  • To respond to requests for assistance from dance groups and instructors
  • To promote Ukrainian heritage
  • To give advice to Ukrainian dance groups in Alberta
  • To help provide information through conferences and workshops
  • To collect and distribute information on Ukrainian dance
CUDA Canadian Ukrainian Dance Academy
The Canadian Ukrainian Dance Academy is a Teaching and Learning arm of the Alberta Ukrainian Dance Association. The intent is to develop and deliver Ukrainian Dance resources directly to the Ukrainian Dance community using the capability of the Internet to deliver courses, video, and music resources. Why was it formed? It was formed as a response to the need for Ukrainian dance resources that will continue to support the growth of instructor capacity for teaching Ukrainian dance in Canada.


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